About our little company

It’s a very small team here at Crocs, well its just me actually with a little help from my friends!

Since my art college days I have been sustaining my inner artist with small craft projects, mosaics and decorating. Then the kids came along and it was an opportunity to be creative (and messy!) all over again. With a part time job already, I wanted to find a way to supplement my income and I wanted it to be doing a craft that I love, but which one?

I found Decopatch at a craft fair 3 years ago whilst browsing with a friend and my daughter, she spotted a Decopatch giraffe and that was it – we came home with a few little projects to complete for Grandmas’ Mother’s day present and  I haven’t looked back.  I realised it was the perfect medium for a children’s activity – my 3 year old managed to decorate a bottle holder with my help – the possibilities were endless!

A few weeks later, after a family loan and lots of decopatching  I had secured my first event at the local school fete where I would be able to run an activity. I started with a choice of Jute bag, mdf heart (a batch jigsawed with my own hands) and a wooden letter as an activity. It was a success and I was left with hardly any stock, result! I got to work booking more events and sourcing more items suitable for decopatching.

After a few months I contacted the Orchard café and they welcomed me along to run an activity during the school holidays, a great local place for families and friends to meet. I will often have groups stay all day creating (there is great cake too) and the best part is they can leave the mess for me to clean up! To my regulars I am known as ‘the Decopatch lady’!

More recently I have been designing my own shapes (check out the bunting!) which I have cut locally (no more jigsaw!) to increase variety but it also means many of the items on my website are unique!

I always have a supply of my gift bags at any event but I can package any personalised bag, adding small wooden letters and a particular paper if necessary. Customers always ask if I have website to buy more as gifts…. It’s on its way I say…. Well finally it is here!

So everyone can enjoy my products (and Decopatch) I have put together my most popular items on the website with paper options as well as letters which can be added to any gift bag for a personal touch. My brilliant party kits come in various sizes and are a great way to entertain groups of both adults and children. If you have particular request for a gift bag then please email me as I am sure I can help!

There is an artist in all of us, fighting its way out… Happy Decopatching!