Decopatch 3D Reindeer Trophy Head Kit


 Funky Decor!

This fab Decopatch Reindeer Trophy Head (SA161o) looks awesome on any wall, whether its in a child’s bedroom, a feature above a fireplace or a fun decoration in your kitchen! Decopatch paper can be torn or cut and easily glued on to your Reindeer, leaving a smooth texture and a real paint effect. Your Reindeer can be personalised with your choice of Decopatch papers and the jewels provided – they will be unique! This Decopatch pack makes a great gift or why not just treat yourself?!

Prefer different Decopatch papers? Just let us know at the checkout and we will contact you!

 Neatly gift packed 

All of our packs are presented in a neat little bag, perfect for a present!

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 What do I get in this gift pack?

Decopatch Reindeer Trophy Head kit contains all the ingredients for you to make your very own stunning wall decoration! It contains:

Papier mache Reindeer Head SA161o (14.5cm x 14.5cm x 20cm), 3 half sheets of Decopatch paper, Decopatch Glue, Decopatch brush and mixed jewels.


Additional information

What Paper?

Alaska (main image), Animal Mix Up, Multi Mix Up, Aqua Marina, Sweet Dream, Itsy Bitsy, Withit, Mexicana, Monochrome Mix Up, Mello Mix Up, Pretty Mix Up


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