Decopatch Double Note Kit


 Lets get musical

Looking for a lovely crafty gift to brighten up a room or a home made present? Decopatch is the answer! Decopatch is extremely easy to do, just 3 simple steps… tear it! Stick it! Embellish it! This Decopatch Double Note Kit looks fantastic on any door or wall – you can even personalise your kit with our little wooden letters!

 Neatly gift packed 

All of our gift packs are presented in a a great neat little bag, perfect for a present!


Why not add some letters?

All letters are lowercase and made of wood. Please see the gallery for letter images.

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 What do I get in this gift pack?

This pack contains all the ingredients for you to make your very own musical note come to life! It contains:

1 x 20cm double note shape (MDF), 1 full sheet of decopatch paper, 1 decopatch brush and a small pot of  decopatch glue. 

Additional information

Which Paper?

Black/Silver Circles (Main Image), ParticularlyPink, Blue Mood, Gregariously Green


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